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MESSAGES Silver & Shine

Silver & Shine

Add a bit of shine with just a touch of silver

Ferrara Ferrara Bead

Price: $16.00

Shine Shine Bead

Price: $12.00

Safari Croco Bead

Price: $13.00

Molly Spacer

Price: $10.00

Braid Spacer

Price: $10.00

Swirly Spacer

Price: $10.00

Etched Scroll Spacer

Price: $10.00

Hearts Spacer

Price: $10.00

Agatha Spacer

Price: $20.00

Adelina Spacer

Price: $20.00

Corazon Spacer

Price: $20.00

Glam ABC Glam Spacer

Price: $13.00

As One Bead

Price: $20.00

Twist Bead

Price: $15.00

Swirly Love Bead

Price: $19.00

Abbey Bead

Price: $11.00

Diamondback Bead

Price: $13.00
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