We sat down with Brighton designer Maricela Palacios to learn more about her best-loved Interlok Collection as well as what inspires her.

When designing, what is your favorite medium and/or tool?

Technical pencils – 0.3 for fine details and 0.5 for thicker line work and shading. I like weight B pencils for shading. I also like using Prismacolor markers in cool greys.

What do you love most about being a designer?

I love the creativity, and the process of starting something from scratch. Having an idea and bringing it to fruition…sometimes with ease, and other times through trials and experimentation.

Is there a famous designer/artist/influencer in history (living or not) with whom you’d enjoy having a conversation? What would you ask?

I’d love to have a conversation with Dior’s creative director, Maria Grazia Chiuri. I think she’s an amazing designer/creative director. I’d love to ask her how she felt when she was appointed in 2016 as the first woman creative director in the 77-year history of the house of Dior. Also, how she sees herself preserving the artisan craft in fashion, in a world where technology and AI are quickly evolving.

What is it about the Celtic knot that captivates you?

What’s important to me is the meaning behind the knot…with no beginning or end, it symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship. It’s our connections with others that engenders conversation, inspiration, creativity, and love.

Why do you think the Interlok Collection is so beloved?

I think its symbolism and meaning creates an emotional connection, making it a wonderful gift, either for yourself or others. Its design is also classic…timeless; it appeals to all ages and fits many lifestyles.

What is your personal favorite piece and/or mini collection?

There’s no specific piece that’s my favorite, but I do love the Georgia handbag for its size, functionality, and versatility–going from shoulderbag to crossbody. Another mini collection I love is Interlok Harmony, both the jewelry and leather bags. In particular, I love the Fleming tote with its elevated, classic aesthetic and handcrafted details and size.