Journey To Italy

Our designer Catherine Hong has spent years researching classic tile design and creating wearable accessories based on breathtaking pieces created by artisans of Italy.
Seeking inspiration for patterns for her handbags and jewelry, she has visited the isle of Capri, Deruta, Italy – the home of Majolica pottery. These influences play out in her new La Farfalla Collection.

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Designer Catherine Hong Next to large patterned pot

Centuries Of Inspiration

Deruta has been the center of majolica since the 12th century, producing Italy’s most popular and traditional ceramics. With over 100 ceramic workshops, it is a true playground for an artist. This is where Catherine drew inspiration – from the pottery, decorative arts and tile work on architecture.

Designer Catherine Hong pencil sketching Farfalla design

From Dream To Drawing

Catherine hand draws and paints the design for each piece. To develop a visual idea into a finished tile pattern she experiments and draws different patterns, adding floral elements and playing with shapes. She first draws the black outlines and adds colors later.

Introducing La Farfalla

Named for the word “butterfly” in Italian, these designs feature orange and lemon hues for a zesty and fun-loving feel as well as an artful vibe. The jewelry features semi-precious stone beads, accents of handset crystals and hand-painted enamel artisan detailing. We printed Catherine’s artwork on luxe leathers, too, to punch up your personal style!

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