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Interlok Collection

What's "knot" to love? Symbolizing eternal loyalty, friendship and love, celtic knots are loops without start or finish. This collection expresses the unity and harmony we seek in our lives.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER — Maricela Palacios
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Showing Items 49 to 72 of 107

Interlok Interlok Weave Large Wallet

Price: $245.00

Interlok Addy Convertible Cross Body

Price: $340.00

Interlok Interlok Weave Cord Bracelet

Price: $68.00

Interlok Interlok Bead

In Beads
Price: $26.00

Interlok Interlok Woven Collar Necklace

Price: $118.00

Interlok Nevada Sandals

In Sandals
Price: $250.00

Interlok Interlok Knot Bracelet

Price: $58.00

Interlok Aidan Shoulderbag

Price: $325.00

Interlok Interlok Endless Knot Long Necklace

Price: $118.00

Interlok Trina Saddlebag

Price: $385.00

Interlok Interlok Large Wallet

Price: $195.00
Video for Interlok Interlok Large Wallet

Interlok Interlok Convertible Belt Pouch

Price: $210.00

Interlok Dublin Wedges

In Wedges
Price: $225.00

Interlok Twine Woven Sandals

In Sandals
Price: $275.00

Available Colors:

Interlok Interlok Georgia Hobo Handbag Set

Price: $655.00

Interlok Interlok Knot Layer Necklace

Price: $78.00
Video for Interlok Interlok Knot Layer Necklace

Interlok Aileen Hobo

In Hobos
Price: $395.00

Interlok Crosby Mules

Price: $275.00

Interlok Interlok Knot Reversible Necklace

Price: $78.00

Interlok Enya Mules

Price: $250.00

Interlok Interlok Black Agate Long Necklace

Price: $88.00

Interlok Interlok Amethyst Long Necklace

Price: $88.00

Interlok Interlok Turquoise Quartz Long Necklace

Price: $88.00

Interlok Orla Cross Body

Price: $355.00
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