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Interlok Straw

Interlok Collection

What's "knot" to love? Symbolizing eternal loyalty, friendship and love, celtic knots are loops without start or finish. This collection expresses the unity and harmony we seek in our lives.

ABOUT THE DESIGNER — Maricela Palacios
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Interlok Amari Tote

Price: $270.00

Interlok Lena Straw Tote

Price: $295.00

Available Colors:

Interlok Dayton Tote

Price: $275.00

Available Colors:

Interlok Adena Flap Bag

Price: $260.00

Interlok Tarrah Raffia Tote

Price: $340.00

Interlok Dune Straw Satchel

Price: $295.00
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