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Halo Beads

Halo Collection

Our Halo Collection, inspired by clusters of stars in the heavens, evokes a peaceful night sky, made brilliant with constellations. There's so much to love about the wonders of our world we celebrate showcasing Lien Hoang-Kaufman's beautiful designs.

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Halo Halo Stargazer Spacer

Price: $17.00

Available Colors:

Halo Halo Bead

Price: $20.00
Video for Halo Halo Bead

Available Colors:

Halo Halo Spacer

Price: $17.00
Video for Halo Halo Spacer

Available Colors:

Halo Halo Stargazer Long Bead

Price: $32.00

Halo Halo Stargazer Bead

Price: $20.00
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