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Shop for Necklaces

Learn About Lessons In Layering

Lessons in Layering

Layering necklaces is a great way to get a very personal look. Brighton has created necklaces that were specifically designed to be layered, making it as easy as possible for someone who has never tried this look before. Discover the art of layering in a snap! Shop Layerable Necklaces
Necklace Styles for Everyone

Necklace Styles for Everyone

Whatever your neckline, we've got you covered. Long and layered or petite and delicate, our necklaces wear well and go everywhere. Choose a necklace style that complements your outfit and style! Shop Necklaces For All Styles
Heart Necklaces

Heart Necklaces

The timeless symbol of the heart has been forever captured by our jewelry designers. From heart pendants to heart jewelry, these creations are overflowing with love! Shop Iconic Heart Jewelry
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Meridian Meridian Swing Necklace

Price: $68.00
Video for Meridian Meridian Swing Necklace

SEA SHORE Sea Shore Scallop Shell Convertible Necklace

Price: $98.00

Journey to India Journey To India Indigo Short Necklace

Price: $68.00

Wingfield Wingfield Convertible Necklace

Price: $88.00

Baroness Baroness Fiori Long Necklace

Price: $108.00

Metropol Metropol Convertible Necklace

Price: $62.00

ORNATE HEART Ornate Heart Convertible Necklace

Price: $88.00

Crosses of the World Abbey Cross Necklace

Price: $52.00
Video for Crosses of the World Abbey Cross Necklace

Neptune's Rings Neptune's Rings Collar Necklace

Price: $108.00

Meridian Meridian Adagio Necklace

Price: $88.00

Alcazar Alcazar Heart Short Necklace

Price: $72.00
Video for Alcazar Alcazar Heart Short Necklace

Cherished Cherished Lucky Petite Necklace

Price: $48.00

Interlok Interlok Knot Reversible Necklace

Price: $78.00

Sea Breeze Sea Breeze Necklace

Price: $78.00

PARADISE COVE Paradise Cove Amazonite Shell Necklace

Price: $158.00

Sacred Sacred Cross Reversible Necklace

Price: $58.00

Telluride Telluride Sunburst Collar Necklace

Price: $72.00

Twinkle Twinkle Amor Necklace

Price: $72.00
Video for Twinkle Twinkle Amor Necklace

Available Colors:

Indigo Beach Indigo Beach Convertible Compass Necklace

Price: $82.00
Video for Indigo Beach Indigo Beach Convertible Compass Necklace

PARADISE COVE Paradise Cove Sea Urchin Necklace

Price: $68.00

Andaluz Andaluz Collar Necklace

Price: $58.00

Spectrum Spectrum Necklace

Price: $44.00
Video for Spectrum Spectrum Necklace

Available Colors:

Primrose Primrose Pendant Necklace

Price: $70.00

ENCHANTED GARDEN Enchanted Garden Reversible Y Necklace

Price: $58.00
Video for ENCHANTED GARDEN Enchanted Garden Reversible Y Necklace
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