How to Pick the Best Travel Handbags

How to Pick the Best Travel Handbags

Finding the best travel handbags (or handbag alternatives, like super savvy backpacks) is easy if you know what to look for—and where. For most destinations, there are just a few things to keep in mind while shopping: security, weight and comfort.

Consider the length of your trip and the kinds of destinations you’re headed to. Are you a snap-happy tourist in need of a camera bag? Or, are you going on an urban adventure where a locking travel bag is essential for carefree security? Choose multipurpose travel bags as much as possible.

For day trips, choose one everything bag. For long trips, throwing a foldable tote bag into your luggage gives you extra bags for days on-the-go or bringing souvenirs home.

Our loyal fans can attest, we have the best traveling bags that fit for your lifestyle and adventures perfectly. Check out these following essentials or the rest of our Vacation Must-Haves!


If you are heading out on an urban adventure, traveling by train or public transportation, or simply want to be carefree and hands-free, then pick a more theft-proof bag. Crossbody travel bags are less targeted by purse thieves. And crossbody bags are perfect for multitasking travelers. Eat gelato and snap photos without a worry.



There is a crossbody bag for every style and purse preference. Whatever your look, pick a bag that has a sturdy shoulder strap, yet is comfortable on your shoulder.


A crossbody organizer bag can really help keep your passport, hotel keys, credit cards, and other essentials handy. Organizer handbags can be small, ideal for evening dinners when all you need is atmosphere and a few essentials. Or get a larger one if you plan on journaling or are just like to have all your things wherever you are.


One bonus of a small crossbody organizer or pouch is adding it to a travel backpack. Wear a crossbody mini bag or strap wallet up front to keep the most precious things accessible and in sight. Keep bigger items and non-essentials in your backpack. It makes it easy to throw your non-essentials in an overhead and still feel at ease.


Need more space? Try a crossbody satchel for traveling. The quilted Kayden Cross Body Satchel is light as air and super roomy.

BONUS: the Kayden Satchel can be packed into its own pouch!


Some ladies love leather. If you aren’t worried about the added weight and want a good amount of room, a stunning crossbody leather messenger bag may be just your thing.

Travel tip: Avoid pick pockets. They love travelers. Carry any travel handbag in front of your body rather than slinging them behind you.


So you love your bucket bags but hate carrying things across your body. Or, you are a business traveler who wants a beautiful leather organizer she can put down and pick up with no fuss. Any organizer shoulder bag accomplishes two super helpful things for women travelers:

  • Its built-In wallet eliminates the need for you to carry a separate wallet, so there's one less thing weighing on your shoulders.
  • As the name suggests, it keeps all of your essentials organized. Your passport, credit cards, ID, and cash are all at the ready, whether you're going through the customs line at the airport, hurriedly trying to get cash to tip the valet, or buying tickets at a museum.

You can also choose a hybrid organizer travel bag for maximum travel convenience!


Camera bags are not really camera bags, but they work like them! These trendy handbags are named for their rectangular camera bag shape, and they also just happen to be perfect for your smartphone and are generally large enough for a medium-sized camera. We love camera bags for traveling. They are not only fashionable, their rectangular shape makes it easy to see everything inside.

Travel tip: Don't put your camera inside any bag unprotected. If you break a case on the go, a sock might help cushion your camera. And keep a sealable plastic bag, like a sandwich bag, folded into a pocket in case you run into wet conditions. You don't want to scratch your camera lens or get water damage on the first day of vacation!


If you are less of a minimalist and more of a, um, maximalist... a travel tote bag might be in order. These can be tricky, though, because many totes are open at the top, making it easy for spills to occur and for thieves to reach in and grab your wallet or belongings.

For maximum security, select a travel tote that has a zippered top. As we have said before, when carrying a handbag, keep the zipper near the front of your body.

Travel tip: If you insist on a beachy open tote or shopper bag, keep valuables in an inside zippered pockets.


One of the best secure travel totes is the Lock It Super Tote. It’s lightweight, folds into its own pouch, and the top zipper can be locked with a key. If you really do not want to think about where your bag is on your body, pick the lightweight superhero of travel bags.

Travel tip: Think ahead and wear a necklace or charm necklace to keep your Lock It Tote key on you at all times. (Not suggested for swimming.)


No longer for college kids, backpacks are a great travel solution for carrying more than the essentials. Go ahead and pack sunscreen and a sweater. Choose a lightweight travel backpack for longer treks. Or choose a leather convertible handbag to have handbag style and backpack comfort and security.

The Bentley Convertible Backpack easily converts between a crossbody bag, backpack, or over-your-shoulder handbag. And, it’s ultra lightweight!

Travel tip: If you're traveling on a crowded bus or subway, carry your backpack on the front of your body for extra security. Always make sure your zippers are fully zipped and any closures are completely closed.


Travel bags come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing between crossbody bags, fabric or leather bags, and travel purses is easy once you identify what you need for your trip. And, any one of them will make great travel gifts for your favorite jet setter.