How to Choose Earrings to Match Your Hairstyle

How to Choose Earrings to Match Your Hairstyle

Earrings are one of our favorite accessories because they always fit, and they're truly the "icing" to any outfit. You can take yourself from "I don't know what to wear" to glam, bold, or playful with the right pair.

Choosing the best earrings for you doesn't have to be a guessing game. Not only will you want your earrings to coordinate with your outfit, but you'll also want them to flatter your natural features, including your preferred hairstyle.

Some earrings look best with an elegant up-do for a formal event, while others complement a casual, "hair-down" style for the weekend. Continue reading this blog post for our top tips on coordinating your earring silhouette with your hairstyle, so you always look your best.


If you have a shoulder-length hairstyle that's easy to "wash and go", then you're likely a practical fashionista who appreciates great style but values time and ease. Your shoulder-length hair is fun and versatile, but it also creates space for a stand-out earring look. We recommend hoops to perfectly pair with your hairstyle.

Pebble Large Hoop Earrings - These statement hoops from our Pebble Collection are lightweight and easy-to-wear, perfect for when you want a non-nonsense accessory for everyday style. We love the subtle texture of the Pebble pattern, which brings an earthy, organic feel to these classic hoops. We love how they "pop" when hair is swept behind the ear.


If you have long hair, then you're likely very proud of your locks and spend a lot of time keeping them healthy and shiny. Your hair is your ultimate accessory, so you won't want earrings to upstage your mane. For long-haired ladies, we recommend post-back studs, which are easy to wear and add just a hint of sparkle or color.

Iris Stud Earrings - If you're craving color, then the Iris Stud Earrings are a must-have for your jewelry wardrobe. Delicate and classic, these silver-toned earrings feature your choice fine quality crystal for a look that will become your signature accessory. We love the braided and heart details on the setting of these earrings.


If you're a curly lady, you're fully embracing your natural style, and you probably have a fun-loving and warm-hearted personality. You're choosing to live as "big" as your voluminous locks, seizing every opportunity and living in the moment. To complement your beautiful 'do, you'll definitely want some sparkle.

Infinity Sparkle Hoop Earrings - These essential hoop earrings from our Infinity Sparkle collection are just as appropriate for casual, laid-back style as they are for special events. We love how they pair the ease of a huggie hoop with the glamour of fine-quality crystals. You'll also be surprised to see the subtle detail of an extended infinity symbol.


If you wear up-dos, you're either attending a special event, or you'd simply like to place more emphasis on your face - and your earrings. Up-dos can be great style for the hot summer months, and they can also offer versatility, allowing you to be a chameleon with your style. To complement any type of up-do, we recommend drop earrings.

Ferrara Disc French Wire Earrings - From our elegant and timeless Ferrara collection, these earrings are eye-catching and flattering. The pair features disc-shaped medallions with dimensional details of the Ferrara rose window motif inspired by 12th century European cathedrals as well as modern chunky chains.


You love your short pixie cut because it makes a splash everywhere you go, and you're always attracting compliments. It's easy to wash and style, and you stay cool in the summer months. You're fresh, fierce, and fashionable. For you we'd recommend some bold statement earrings to pair with your understated hairstyle.

Twinkle Loop French Wire Earrings - These earrings from our Twinkle collection feature diamond-like fine quality crystals and high-polished silver. Inspired by the mirrored iridescence seen when gazing through a telescope, these statement sparklers are sure to bring dazzle to your daily style.

No matter how well you've coordinated your earrings to your face shape, you'll want to remember: the true test of a great pair of earrings is - do they make you smile? We'd love to see some of your favorite earring/hairstyle pairings. Follow us on Instagram @brightoncollectibles and hashtag your posts with #mybrightonstyle to show off your perfect "ear party".