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Africa Stories Collection

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Catherine & Beth in Africa


Our Africa Stories collection is a collection of all the stories and inspirations we have experienced on this grand journey to East Africa. We hope that, through wearing our creations, you can carry a little part of our stories with you every day, and immerse yourself in the magic of this unforgettable land.

What I experienced left me speechless, but I can tell my story by bringing back some of that beauty to share with you...

Beth Ferrara & Catherine Hong

behind the design

Catherine Hong & Beth Ferrara

Our love for hand-painted art comes to life in the Africa Stories collection. Beth Ferrara and Catherine Hong collaborated together to create a unique and artistic story for each of our Africa Stories accessories. Beth’s watercolored animals and Catherine’s tribal borders and florals are a harmonious blend. This creative teamwork of hand-painted elements can be seen throughout the collection.




Beth’s paint palette shows the spectrum of colors used to paint all the animals in the Africa Stories collection. To showcase the innate drama of the creatures encountered during our journey, we chose to paint them in a stylized but realistic way.

Beth chose a watercolor painterly effect for her animals in opaque and vivid colors. Painting each animal allows the personality of each animal to be represented. There’s even a leopard print in this collection.

Catherine felt a leopard print in the golden and rich hues of a real leopard would capture their richly textured coats. With the added elements of African tribal inspired borders, these accessories are for the animal lover and safari adventurer in all of us. They are meant to be worn in a spirit of fun and appreciation for the art and the thrill of being in East Africa.

Geometric patterns can be found in the artistry across different cultures and regions of Africa, from the mud cloth in West Africa to the Kenyan-made soapstone pieces in East Africa. Every tribal-inspired border is first sketched by hand, then painted to reflect the rich and diverse artistry found in Africa.

Painting the tribal-inspired borders in earthy colors allows them to be complementary to many other elements like florals and leopard print.

The animals themselves are depicted as simple yet modern in silhouette,
but detailed with the same African tribal-inspired pattern you will find in the painted borders and coordinating jewelry. These geometric patterns etched into the jewelry pieces can be found in the artistry across different cultures and regions of Africa.

Kenyan flower power is attributed to its sunny year-round climate. The Jamelle bag showcases the types of flowers you will find in East Africa. From the protea flower to lily, each flower has been hand painted, printed on leather, then embroidered to duplicate the vibrant flowers found in East Africa. Paired with our leopard print, this bag can be worn for any occasion.

The spiral pattern is an ancient symbol representing eternity, change, and growth.

In East Africa, the spiral shape also appears in various African art, including prints, carvings, baskets, and jewelry. Beth chose a modern spiral silhouette to incorporate into the silver jewelry pieces. The added hammered and etched details create a look that is on-trend with an artisan feel.

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Art of the Weave

Seeing so many beautiful African baskets inspired me to design a basketweave print. I used traditional basket motifs like triangles and diamonds

The colors used in the basketweave print replicate those we saw among the Masai tribe of East Africa. They are known for their signature color of red and blue.

Basket making in Africa is an ancient skill that survives to this day.

Basketry is not only used to make baskets, it is also used in the making of other everyday objects such as mats and stools. Because of the high level of craftsmanship involved in their basket design and creation, everyday objects end up becoming pieces of highly priced art.

Mikenna‘ s embroidered detail has a total of 33,000 stitches.

The coordinating jewelry also showcases basketweave-like elements in its pierced design. Circular in shape like a round basket and displaying angular patterns as well as etching.

Each piece is designed to embody the rich culture of African basket making.

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Home to “the greatest wildlife show on earth” – Africa is renowned for the brilliance of its game viewing, as well as its breathtaking landscapes, spectacular vistas and brilliant sunsets. Fall in love with the magic of this exotic destination, which we celebrate in our Africa Stories accessory collection.


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