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Africa Stories Collection

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Our Africa Stories collection is a collection of all the stories and inspirations we have experienced on this grand journey to East Africa. We hope that, through wearing our creations, you can carry a little part of our stories with you every day, and immerse yourself in the magic of this unforgettable land.

What I experienced left me speechless, but I can tell my story by bringing back some of that beauty to share with you...

Beth Ferrara & Catherine Hong

behind the design

Catherine Hong & Beth Ferrara

WATCH: AFRICA STORIES BUTTERFLIES INSPIRATION Our love for hand-painted art comes to life in the Africa Stories collection. Beth Ferrara and Catherine Hong collaborated together to create a unique and artistic story for each of our Africa Stories accessories. Beth’s watercolored animals and Catherine’s tribal borders and florals are a harmonious blend. This creative teamwork of hand-painted elements can be seen throughout the collection.




WATCH: AFRICA STORIES ZEBRA INSPIRATION While rolling along the tall grasslands and acacia trees, some of the first animals Beth and Catherine encountered were zebras. With black and white stripes so uniquely identifiable, our designers were charmed by their playful nature and their unique free-spiritedness as they grazed and roamed the Maasai Mara.

Beth chose a watercolor painterly effect for her animals in opaque and vivid colors. Painting each animal allows the personality of each animal to be represented. There’s even a leopard print in this collection.

The spiral pattern is an ancient symbol representing eternity, change, and growth.

Seeing so many beautiful African baskets inspired me to design a basketweave print. I used traditional basket motifs like triangles and diamonds

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WATCH: AFRICA STORIES ENAMELING INSPIRATION Inspired by the colorful robes and intricate shields of the Maasai tribe in East Africa, this hand-enameled jewelry was created using a technique similar to that of the ancient art of cloisonne.

Every channel is hand-painted with brightly hued enamels to create this complex motif. Red represents the color of life, and blue represents the sky. The result is beautiful jewelry with a rich story to tell.

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