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 Daystar French Wire Earrings
Price: $64.00
Copper Canyon Copper Canyon Necklace
Price: $72.00
Indie Indie Hoop Earrings
Price: $44.00
Nepal Nepal Necklace
Price: $56.00
Nepal Nepal Bracelet
Price: $88.00
Indie Indi Basic Belt
In Casual
Price: $52.00
Available Colors:
Nepal Nepal French Wire Earrings
Price: $58.00
 Daisy Lace French Wire Earrings
Price: $68.00
Mojave Mojave Post Drop Earrings
Price: $34.00
Primrose Primrose Hinged Bangle
Price: $48.00
Indie Indie Heart Necklace
Price: $48.00
 Color Up Long Pen Pal Charm Pen
Price: $27.00
 Loretto Cross Necklace
Price: $74.00
Indie Indie Pendant Necklace
Price: $68.00
Santa Fe Santa Fe Necklace
Price: $58.00
Primrose Primrose Stretch Bracelet
Price: $88.00
Santa Fe Santa Fe Bracelet
Price: $44.00
Primrose Primrose Collar Necklace
Price: $68.00
Primrose Primrose Post Drop Earrings
Price: $34.00
Fashionista Kenya French Wire Earrings
Price: $42.00
Caravan Caravan Necklace
Price: $68.00
Mojave Mojave Long Necklace
Price: $98.00
Mojave Mojave Bracelet
Price: $58.00

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