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Holly Christmas Holly Christmas Bracelet
Price: $98.00
 Reindeer French Wire Earrings
Price: $28.00
Holly Christmas Holly Christmas French Wire Earrings
Price: $42.00
 Frosty Holiday Charm Bracelet
Price: $85.00
 Snowman French Wire Earrings
Price: $48.00
Arctica Arctica Necklace
Price: $78.00
Arctica Arctica Bracelet
Price: $68.00
Arctica Arctica Chandelier Earrings
Price: $78.00
Arctica Arctica French Wire Earrings
Price: $36.00
Icelynn Icelynn Necklace
Price: $64.00
Icelynn Icelynn Bracelet
Price: $74.00
Icelynn Icelynn Post Earrings
Price: $34.00
Heartflakes Heartflakes Bracelet
Price: $88.00
Heartflakes Heartflakes Post Earrings
Price: $52.00
Heartflakes Heartflakes Necklace
Price: $44.00
 Noelle French Wire Earrings
Price: $38.00
Carolling Carolling Snowman Necklace
Price: $38.00
Maharani Maharani Heart Necklace
Price: $46.00
Maharani Maharani French Wire Earrings
Price: $40.00
 Sassy Reindeer Necklace
Price: $71.50
 Surfing Santa Bracelet
Price: $248.00
 Let It Snow Bracelet
Price: $278.00
 Ear Dazzle Earrings
Price: $105.00
 Holiday Candyland
Price: $199.50
 Tis The Season Bracelet
Price: $255.00
 Holiday Tree Long Necklace
Price: $109.00
 Tinsel Tree Necklace
Price: $66.00
 Holiday Games Necklace
Price: $68.00
 Holiday Spirit Bracelet
Price: $358.00
 Sassy Stripe Bracelet
Price: $139.50
 Icy Fluff French Wire Earrings
Price: $90.00
 Celebrate The Season Necklace
Price: $112.00
 Let It Snow Necklace
Price: $128.00
 Holly Jolly Holiday Bracelet
Price: $232.00
 A Gift For You Bracelet
Price: $206.00
 Holiday Time Watch
Price: $177.00
 Symbolic Spirit Necklace
Price: $57.00
 Angel On Your Side Bracelet
Price: $156.00
 Tinsel Tree Bracelet
Price: $210.00
Carolling Carolling Charm Bracelet
Price: $78.00
Carolling Carolling Reindeer Necklace
Price: $38.00
Carolling Carolling Tree Necklace
Price: $38.00
 Chilly Charm Bangle
Price: $46.00
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