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Caravan Collection

For the trek across desert—or across town—carry one of our richly textured leather and beaded bags. In sunbaked hues, and with plenty of style, our Caravan Collection has a down-to-earth vibe.
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Caravan Caravan French Wire Earrings
Price: $32.00
Caravan Caravan Stretch Bracelet
Price: $76.00
Caravan Kalahari Tote
In Totes
Price: $365.00
Caravan Caravan Long Necklace
Price: $92.00
Caravan Caravan Post Drop Earrings
Price: $44.00
Caravan Sahara Shoulderbag
Price: $330.00
Caravan Caravan Necklace
Price: $68.00
Caravan Tanami Straw Messenger
In Straw
Price: $170.00

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