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 Luna Cross Mini Post Earrings
Price: $22.00
Primrose Primrose Pendant Necklace
Price: $70.00
Intrigue Intrigue Small Necklace
Price: $42.00
Intrigue Intrigue Bracelet
Price: $70.00
Devotion Living Heart French Wire Earrings
Price: $32.00
Alcazar Alcazar Heart Mini Post Earrings
Price: $22.00
Loretto Cross Loretto Bangle
Price: $70.00
Alcazar Alcazar Heart 2 Piece Bangle
Price: $68.00
Mingle Mingle Collar Necklace
Price: $54.00
Indie Indie Cross French Wire Earrings
Price: $42.00
Venezia Venezia Gem Bangle
Price: $34.00
Loretto Cross Loretto Heart Bracelet
Price: $110.00
Cordoba Cordoba Necklace
Price: $98.00
Ophelia Ophelia Heart Mini Post Earrings
Price: $22.00
Swirl Swirl French Wire Earrings
Price: $48.00
Primrose Primrose French Wire Earrings
Price: $40.00
Devotion Devotion Crete Long Necklace
Price: $84.00
Regal Regal Post Earrings
Price: $22.00
Available Colors:
Loretto Cross Loretto Heart Necklace
Price: $92.00
Art & Soul Art & Soul Courage Anklet
Price: $30.00
Bali Star Bali Star Convertible Necklace
Price: $70.00
Dazzler Dazzler French Wire Earrings
Price: $28.00
Available Colors:
Elphy Elphy Necklace
Price: $64.00
Under the Sea Under The Sea Charm Bracelet
Price: $128.00

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