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About the Madagascar Straw Collection


"Madagascar has an amazing capacity to do handcrafted work that very few other countries have." - Laura Foster Discover the Madagascar Collection
Brighton Your Bag


We're excited to introduce a new collection of handbags and accessories that give you the freedom to express your own personal style with interchangeable straps and handbag accessories Shop Brighton Your Bag
Brighton handbag - Barbados collection


From the way a handbag rests on your shoulder to the fine quality of the material with which it's made, our designers consider not just fashion-but practical function and wearability. Each bag is designed to be loved for a lifetime! Shop a Brighton Classic: the Barbados
Brighton handbag - Masterpieces

Masterpiece Bags

Lavished with exquisite beading or embroidered with thousands of stitches, our masterpiece handbags are just that-breathtaking works of art. Shop Masterpiece Bags
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